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My Gift: What Will I Offer the World?


My gift should evoke three intuitive responses: “Hmm..” “Oh.” and “Aha!”

  • Hmm.. – The Depth and Complexity of my critical thinking.
  • Oh. – The Definition and Clarity of my communication.
  • Aha! – The Discovery and Connections revealed.

And I will do this through the written word. Words to awaken, uplift, empower and equip. I want to awaken people from their slumber of ill-identity. I want to lift them out of the muck of self-pity that will overwhelm their new awareness. I want to empower them with life-giving thoughts and ideas. And then my words must practically train them to live a new life.


Provide a Gift – What Will You Offer?

There are so many resources to discover your gifts. I won’t cover them here, but take the gifts you discover and see if they align with your values. You’ll soon find out you were probably enamored with your gift wrap, not the gift itself. It doesn’t matter what your gift wrap is, unless there’s an inescapable pull towards a specific wrapping (swimming, quantum physics?). No matter the paper weight or pattern, when receivers tear through your wrapping and open the box, it comes down to four emotions: Joy, Gratitude, Relief and maybe the desire of Reciprocation or Paying it Forward.