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Mastery: 100 Words in 100 Posts – Complete

Well, will you look at that…

I actually completed something. I’ve written 103 consecutive posts that were 100 words or less. That’s 100 days of intention. One hundred days of execution. 1/3 of the year dedicated to a singular commitment. 4 months of daily editing, rewriting, squeezing, deleting and hitting Publish. Am I a master of the 100-word domain? Not at all, but it shows me what I’m capable of. Oftentimes, when you beat yourself up, a pleasant surprise reminds you that you aren’t that bad. Hold on to those moments. You’ll need them for tougher times ahead.

I think I may go for another 100 days.


What, How and a Logo Change

A month ago I talked about narrowing my blog focus. I suppose I should put my money where my mouth is. But I also want to keep the personal synchronicity approach. Perhaps that’s asking for too much. Since visuals are great reminders of intentions, I decided my site’s logo will focus on what the blog’s theme is (mastery, identity, design) vs. how that theme will be expressed (through personal experiences and synchronicity). The how is not only important, but the unique value proposition. But even though the what isn’t special or exclusive, I still have to start with one.

Same Time, Next Week

Dear Week,

You whooped my ass. But I conquered you.

I’ll see your brother next, Week.


Save the Cards: The Gamification of Meetups

I went to a Silicon Harlem meetup yesterday. This tech initiative is changing the landscape of a Black neighborhood deemed unsafe. You can argue gentrification is the real culprit of a safer Harlem, but that’s another post. Last night, I noticed people treating this meetup like a baseball trading card convention. Superficial partnerships for a transient transaction, then a firm handshake. Remember the Save the Whales campaign? Well, Save the Cards. Please. Attend with one specific goal. Discern who might align or even refine your values. And go deep with just three people. Then collect all the cards you want.

Weekly Hump vs. Daily Mountain

Hump Day is for underachievers. Now, I just use the term for cute mid-week checkups with family. When you’re on the grind, you’re not meandering up a pussyfooted mound. You’re scaling up an unforgiving mountain. Freelancers and entrepreneurs know the mountain. Mail clerks with their eye on the CEO position know the mountain. As a matter of fact, every single day is an Everest. Your Wednesday is our 6PM break. While you’re getting off work, we’re descending the other side of the brutal Tibetan peak. And yeah, pussyfooted is a word and was appropriately used. Hump Day? Pfff.

New Newsletter and a Social Media Idea

Yesterday’s post was inspired by my latest Antihero newsletter that finally got published. I intentionally don’t “cross-contaminate” Antihero stuff on here because I want that little inconspicuous nook in the Internet to be deemed sacred. Until I find the right social media platform and strategy, it’ll stay “hidden”. Otherwise, it’ll just seem too gimmicky. Tweeting about shame just doesn’t sound right. Antiheroes don’t chirp. We crow. Hm, maybe I could create a crow platform—Corvine. Corvin. A call for the condemned, shamed and exiled. I digress. Tonight, I just had to share the newsletter with you on here!

The Circle: Issue#2

History and Storytelling

I figured out why I sucked in Honors History and AP Government & Economics in high school. The story behind it all was deeply wedged between old century dates, political structures, confusing battle names and esoteric geographic locations. So was Lord of the Rings, but the storyteller of those classroom textbooks sucked. Although my teachers tried to make it  relevant, all I could hear was Charlie Brown’s teacher talking “Wah, Wha-Wha” for 90 minutes. But now I realize I just might’ve been born to sift through data and find the patterns and threads that make characters come alive.