Success, At What Cost: Part 3.3

by bxrtley

Would Kearns communicating that his work-life balance would be uneven have made a difference? Most definitely. It would have opened the floor to proactive dialogue, versus reactionary complaints of him not taking responsibility as husband and father. Paradoxically, he involved his entirely family in the invention process, from brainstorm to prototype to patent. Those scenes were warm with love. However, his passion for engineering that brought his family together also drove them away. Perhaps they weren’t initially drawn at all. Maybe it was more of a patriarchal rally that eventually lost its luster, revealing the true character of obsession.

I decided to split up the previous footnote (255 words) into two posts and revamp them for those who took the time to read it. I also didn’t want to simply copy and paste from yesterday’s creation. This is the first post. The second will be published tomorrow.