Success, At What Cost: Part 3.1

by bxrtley

In the biopic Flash of Genius, inventor Robert Kearns fights against Ford Motors to protect his intermittent wipers invention and, more importantly, his name. If it were going to keep his family together, would it have been unethical and uninspiring for Kearns to take Ford’s $30 million settlement offer, but never hear them officially say they were wrong? Was his wife and children too selfish to understand the gravity and influence of his legal endeavor? Was it just a matter of work-life balance and his failure to communicate that the “work” side of the scale would be heavily weighted for the next decade?

*I’ve reached the 100-word limit. I’ll try and answer these questions tomorrow. Maybe between now and then, I can come up with deeper inquiries that will encourage a deeper level of critical thinking. Sheesh, this is harder than I thought!