Oscars So White: Part 2

by bxrtley

There are about 6,000 Academy voting members. 97% of the voting power belong to white males in their 60s. While this may seem like a microcosm of our U.S. voting population, I think nominations are more than a racial issue. We rightfully vilify the uneven voting population, but what about who influences the votes? Radheyan Simonpillai reveals five compelling criteria for winning an Oscars:

  • Star power (likability)
  • Campaigning (money)
  • Preliminary Awards (credibility)
  • Screeners (reinforcement)
  • Timing (awareness)

Sounds more like sales and marketing than anything. Does this mean whites are just more likable, rich, influential, assertive and punctual? Rhetorical…not rhetorical.

*Parenthetical word summaries (likability, etc.) added by me. But seriously, are they just better marketers? And who’s to say their marketers aren’t more racially diverse than the voting population they target? What if they just know how to connect with the white population more effectively. Minorities didn’t get President Obama into office—whites did. The majority of the U.S. voting population is still white, just like the Academy. However, Obama’s campaign used more efffective marketing (i.e., social media) than his other white counterparts. Presidential elections is about money. Seems like that money is surrounded by sales and marketing. Just like the Oscars.