Money Wins Elections

by bxrtley

I’m not a political science nerd, but I enjoyed watching The West Wing, The Practice, even Boston Legal. Perry Mason could get it too. *Aaron Sorkin (West Wing writer) did for the White House ecosystem what Shondra Rhines did for the hospital MD culture—enlightened the simple-minded and made us emotionally invested in a complex environment. I have no idea what’s specifically happening in our political climate right now, but for some reason it feels like the Republican Party doesn’t either. Choose somebody already. Battle Hillary. And may the most money win. After all, money wins elections. Google it.

*Sorkin and Rhimes also bailed out on their darling shows, which significantly impacted how that complex world of law, medicine and relationships were intricately portrayed. Why do they do this to us? We not only fall in love with the show, but inevitably the writers of them. I suppose it’s the same when someone gets elected into office and falls through on their campaign promises or when your primary care doctor sends in their aide to handle the “light work.” Is our government one giant screenplay? If so, I wonder who’s writing the script now. Hm.