Alan Rickman

by bxrtley

I recently watched the entire Harry Potter series to compare and analyze it against the Star Wars franchise. A few days later, it was announced Alan Rickman died of cancer. **SPOILER ALERT** It was like he died twice in one week. First as Professor Snape, at the hand of a villain and now as Rickman himself at the whim of an unforgiving malignancy. He seems very well-respected. I’m looking forward to watching his other bodies of work. Hope you’re leaving behind a body of work too.

*I have truly forgotten the films I’ve already seen and enjoyed with Alan Rickman. He was Dr. Alfred Blalock in one of my favorite films, Something the Lord Made, featuring Mos Def. He was also Harry in Love Actually, with beautiful chemistry on set with Emma Thompson. This guy had a range of films. Action (He was in the original Die Hard—how could I forget!), Romantic Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Biography. And his voice, as some would consider, was silky smooth.