It’s Simple Math

by bxrtley

I wrote nine posts in 2014. Malcolm Gladwell inspired my first one. In 2015, it skyrocketed to 181. John Saddington, his Desk app and our Desk community were the impetus. I have no choice but to at least double that number in 2016. It’s just common sense. And I may have found an algorithm to get it done.

A New York Times Best-selling author (Gladwell) indirectly inspired me to create a blog after we personally meet twice, for about 80 seconds in total. I don’t even scratch 10 posts that year. Then an extremely notable writing authority in blogging (Saddington) personally connected and provided a vibrant community for hungry, seasoned and aspiring (wanted to say asparagus) writers. I created a personal writing challenge and hit a 100+ publishing streak. So it’s simple math:

  1. Find an inspiration.*
  2. Connect with a community.
  3. Set an irresistible goal.
  4. Work towards it.
  5. Contribute to the group.
  6. Double the numbers.

Last year, I completed a “100 posts in 100 words” challenge. This year, I’ll strive for 300 posts in 100 words and consecutive 300 days. It will keep me sharp, succinct and the restriction does wonders for my creativity. Here’s to a new year. Clink.

*Find an inspiration preferably with a emoji-themed last name that rhymes with Glad and Sad. I find it ironic that the two writers who’ve influenced my personal blogging have emotional adjectives for last names. I can’t help but think of their names being transposed and how it might’ve affected the trajectory of their professions and ultimately their impact on my blogging (sounds awfully self-centered—it is): Gladdington and Sadwell. That’s a Twilight episode. Ha: Wellington. Even better. Validates the micro food theme I had going  with “hungry, seasoned and asparagus.” Actually puts meat on a plate. Beef Wellington, that is.