Synchronicity: Inception and Inside Out Movies

by bxrtley

The other day I inadvertently saw both Inception (2010) and Inside Out (2015) movies. One is a Christopher Nolan thriller masterpiece, the other’s an animated Pixar perfection and both deal with the psychology of the mind. There were similarities I hadn’t expected, like both Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Joy (Amy Poehler) being lost in limbo in the recesses of the “subject’s” subconscious. Another direct connection is both films portraying the ability to implant an idea in the subject’s mind. What are the odds I’d watch two related films?

After seeing Inception again (for the 6th time), the message I got this time around was learn to let go of the past. It’s so fitting, because of what I’m doing with the Antihero project. Nolan artistically illustrated how damaging holding on to the past can be, as it eats away at your subconscious, affects those around you, and impacts your external reality.

The first impression I got from Inside Out was that sadness rocks! More specifically, it’s a linchpin (in moderation) of the human experience that creates opportunity for Joy to be much more meaningful. In essence, all of the emotions in this human experience are necessary—and none should be negated.

What was crazy was when the remaining emotions in headquarters—Fear, Disgust, Anger couldn’t control their subject. She was—emotionless. And it was portrayed by blackness taking over the control board. What does it truly mean to be emotionless? Is that even possible? Could that be the epitome of the living dead? Perhaps.

I’d definitely recommend scheduling a movie day and seeing both back-to-back, or at least in the same day. You’ll come to find there’s not much difference between Nolan’s 40-year-old senior executive and Pixar’s 11-year-old hockey player.

*The main writer/director of Inside Out is Pete Docter, but it was easier to refer to Pixar. Just thought you should know this guy (and Ronaldo Del Carmen) are great at what they do (Up, Wall-E, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc.—by the way, Toy Story 4 is in pre-production)