Design: My Levels of Writing at the Moment

by bxrtley

Here’s the reality: It’s not that I’m not writing everyday—I am. But over the last month, much of it has been journaled. I’m not sure if I’ve laid out my types of writing to you, but here they are:

  1. Academic (research paper – almost done!)
  2. Antihero (letters, ebooks, etc)
  3. Personal Public (this blog)
  4. Personal Private (my journal)

Lately, my time has been focused on the top and bottom tier—Academic and Private writing. Everything else in between is important, but the academic is the most time-sensitive at the moment and the private journaling is actually the only thing keeping me from going insane.

One is highly logical, the other is highly emotional. I suppose they balance each other out. And while I want to work on Antihero stuff more than I currently am, and while I want to create more public posts, I’m not sure I can do so without having some of my most intimate thoughts incidentally leak out onto the page.

And you might be saying, “Suck it up, that’s life.” And it is. It’s my life. And this is how I choose to handle it. I’ve made two of these literary forms my top priority. One is for a degree. The other is for mental health. One can possibly provide a higher quality of oxygen above this crowded job market (although not likely, because of “academic inflation”—if it ain’t a doctorate, good luck), while the other are the very lungs for the low-quality air (that’s highly subjective) that I’m currently inhaling.

That’s my literary design for the moment. What’s yours?