My Digital Forecast: Chance of Rain

by bxrtley

The more I think about it, social media platforms like Vine, Twitter, Snap Chat, Yik Yak, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest are all digital Hair Salons, Barbershops, Country Clubs and the word on the street. Google Search is the Public Library and Museum. Which begs the question, will these online venues supplant those offline destinations?

Not a chance.

People still need to get their hair done. Pinterest can only go so far. And there’s something special about physically gathering together or at least rubbing shoulders with other patrons, while studying or researching in a library and seeing artifacts up close in a museum. Google and your favorite web browser’s zoom function can only take you so close.

I have a theory. I’m not a conspiracist (anymore). One day, we will break the Internet. The server clouds of data will rain, leaking out all of our precious digital cargo that will hopelessly wash down the information highways and into storm drains that lead out to the data sewage system and digi-landfill, never to be recovered.

Pretty bleak, right? Well, think about it. What structure, whether analog or digital, have we not built that we’ve inevitably broken? Heck, we’re breaking Mother Earth’s heart and she birthed us! So it’ll break one day. But what it will also do is force us to connect more authentically in the Barbershops, Salons, Public Libraries (I have no idea why I’m capitalizing these public spaces), Museums, and Sidewalks without our Post-PC appendages. We’ll be human again, even if it takes a post-apocalyptic world for such connection to happen.

But until then, use all of the resources afforded to you and make the best out of your situation. I had a friend who’s computer was out of commission for months and relied on their trusty ole iPhone 5 to write screenplay treatments when they weren’t able to get hold of a computer. Anything is possible, until it isn’t. Work while there’s still daylight. The odds are in your favor.