Mastery- A Cold June in NYC

by bxrtley

The weather gets warmer and drier in June in New York, USA, when spring is merging into summer. The final week in June [is] the best time to holiday in the city if you want to visit New York when the city is at its warmest. —

It’s currently 55º and raining in Brooklyn. Listen up. This is the snowcapped, part of the mountain before making it to the 2015 peak. I’ve never climbed the Patagonia range or even descended down a rock climbing wall (yet). All I have to go by are the cartoons and movies that show the last bit of the peak peeking above clouds and stabbing into a new layer of atmosphere.

This message is to the John Saddington’s, Robert Greene’s, Matthew Quick’s and Me’s out there. You all have one thing in common. You’re writers who leveraged your authorship and transparent failures to do something else that still somehow celebrates literary art. For Saddington, it’s award-winning writing apps that morphed out of years of blogging and previously failed indie projects. For Quick, it’s award winning movie adaptations after battling depression and self-identity struggles in your mother-in-law’s basement. For Greene it’s actually the reverse, where your years of shameful career-meandering, led to five bestsellers.

You’ve all experienced some level of public shame and failure, which led to amazing writing (or coding in the case of John—maybe it’s time to write that book?). You’re guys I can still reach out to and email and actually get a response. You’re still reachable. You haven’t translated into the stratosphere of literary glory, yet. And we need that. We writers need people who are super successful, can still be “forgotten” by the public, but immortalized by their followers.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Because for many of us almost at the 2015 peak, we won’t see an amazing view. Just gray clouds and a blinding sun. It may take a few years of descent from our 30th birthday (Quick—at 33, your ‘ministry’ began when Jesus’ ended – cool) or failed projects (Saddington—Desk is NOT a failure, J – we believe in you man) or dead-end jobs (Greene—your path wasn’t shameful – it was necessary) before it all comes together. And that’s inspiring to me. To all of us.

So June, you’re put on notice. I’m scaling your icy peak, just like the rest of our inspirationals once did. And to whoever’s reading this, if you’re facing a wintery June, it means you’re almost there. Keep climbing. The nicer weather isn’t in June. It’s in July. But you have to get through June first—and it’s now June 3rd. Keep going.