Serendipity vs. Synchronicty

by bxrtley

There’s a difference between serendipity and synchronicity. Synchronicity can either be jubilant or jarring. Serendipity is only designed for joy. One is general, the other is specific. But they are a development of a series of events you may or may not have had control over and with absolutely no power over the end result. If you did, it would no longer be serendipitous or synchronic, but curricular.

And I do use curricular intentionally. It’s probably the most appropriate word I can think of at the moment that involves a series or development of parts (typically lesson plans) for an intended end result—an objective (typically learning).

And just like a curriculum is used to bring one to knowledge about something for a specific outcome, both serendipity and synchronicity are designed for at least two reasons: Awareness and an Objective. When you become aware of what I call a WATOT or “What Are The Odds of That” moment, it’s because you were positioned in a place to see the dots (events) connect. Now, whether or not you fully understand the objective, is a different story.

If you pick up on the objective and it brings joy (not a vengeful satisfaction of seeing “karma” attack an enemy with a series of connected events), then you’ve experienced serendipity. If you’re trying to figure out why the heck those dots are strangely strung together, it’s more than likely synchronicity. But here’s where it gets a bit trippy—the final objective may not be fully completed for either joyful or general occasion.

In other words, your story is still being written. So that wonderfully awesome moment could get even more “wickedly” awesome. And that depressingly heartbreaking culmination of events could get even more sour—or make a complete turn for the best. And that confusingly vapid, almost pointless, situation is obviously still being developed. Or…it could just be a dud. But with enough time (sometimes a lot of it) that “dud” work out to an objective—but you end up forgetting the series of events.

This is just a personal theory. What I believe is both serendipity and synchronicity are design to help you appreciate life as it happens, reflect on what has already occurred and cause you to think about your meaning in the midst of this thing called life. And the Objectives part is just subtle or obvious reminders that the world is bigger than you and I.