Mastery: We May’d It Through

by bxrtley

I wasn’t sure what made me do it, but not to long ago I felt an impression to double-check Roger Ebert’s spelling in yesterday’s post. Sure enough, it was spelled wrong. I wrote “Robert Ebert” instead—in both the post and the tag section! What a blunder. Not only did I overlook the mistake, I also proofread and even had Alex read it to me aloud. “RO-BERT E-BERT,” said Alex. And I still missed it.

Well, there seems to be only two words I can think of for this mishap: I’m jaded. As May officially comes to a close, I can truly say this has been an uphill battle. The fight for daily blogging with some semblance of creative and/or critical thinking in each post has been tough. Writing felt more like a chore this month, especially after missing that first day a couple weeks ago, since January 3rd-ish.

But it’s necessary. Writing is oxygen for me. It keeps me sharp (and alive), even if the words may come out dull (or funky) at times. Perhaps I need to do another creative challenge. Maybe another “100 posts in 100 words”. It’s likely, when I finished that challenge, that’s when writing got more difficult.

Maybe I need another literary dare, as opposed to just publishing thoughts and synchronous connections without much structure. And it’s not the structure as much as it is constraints or restraints that get me going. I need a box so I can push against and think outside of it. You might too.

I’ll take the night to think of a June challenge. How I right these thoughts are just as important as what I write. Hm, maybe I’ll do a metered structure. Like a month of sonnets or something. Who knows. Here’s what I do know: We made it through May. And if Jae can have a hopeful outlook for June, so can I.