Identity: Born to Dream

by bxrtley

A lot of people these days don’t even go to a movie once. There are alternatives. It doesn’t have to be the movies, but we must somehow dream. If we don’t “go to the movies” in any form, our minds wither and sicken. – Roger Ebert, Synecdoche, New York

Ebert’s right. Much of my creative moments happen engaging with another artist who transports me into their crazy or mundane take on life. Synecdoche, New York is definitely on the crazy end of the spectrum. Charlie Kaufman has a unique theme, and being both screenwriter and director gives him an edge. I love his work.

You have to stretch your mind beyond what’s simply before you. I’ll be brutally honest here. It’s why the Bible is still the best-selling book of all time. Whether you believe in its veracity or not, it has some wickedly crazy stories. It’s no wonder many movies draw from its universal themes such as unconditional love, social justice, the war between good and evil, the hope of a better world, etc.

If movies or books don’t do it for you. Then how about an in-between: Visual Art. And if paintings, portraits and da Vinci sketches don’t help you to transcend, then create a Twitter account, follow people that you admire and get to scrolling. Just like Caden Cotard in Synecdoche, New York gets lost in his own physically and mentally constructed worlds, we must get lost in a good book or movie (start with Synecdoche, New York).

And when the upward-rolling credits are over and you’ve finished scrolling down through your Twitter timeline, take what you’ve experienced and do something with it. But do it with someone else so they too can transcend into the world you recently visited.