Mastery: Twerk and Twinkle

by bxrtley

Just watched a short video from Gary Vaynerchuk with immense value. It wasn’t even 4 minutes long. That’s a lesson to those of us who think we need extended periods of time to provide high value to our audience.

In short, the question was how do you increase your audience if nobody even knows there’s a show playing, let alone that your building even exists? Gary succinctly answered by suggesting to either produce high quality content or engage in business development.

I say do both.

Content Marketing

Create your ass off by publishing high quality, relevant and consistent content. Not sure where to start?

  • Find a narrow market niche. Wisconsin Real Estate is broad. Milwaukee Real Estate, still broad. Waukesha county Real Estate in Milwaukee is a bit better. Waukesha County Apartment Real Estate for three-person families with a disabled children is perfect.
  • Create problem-solving content. Be relevant with your content. If it can solve a problem, then congratulations, you’ve just created a valuable piece of content. Which Waukesha apartments are best for disabled children? If Waukesha isn’t a great county for this market, such counties or consider broadening just a bit.
  • Publish regularly. Potential Waukesha families will learn to expect blog posts, newsletters, Instagram photos, etc at a particular time. Don’t let them down. Waukesha families that have done business with you can still stay connected with your helpful content and may even reach out if they want to find something outside of your market—because you’re now seen as an authority.

Business Development

Hustle your ass off, by providing 51% value to a potential client to get the 49% certainty of their value with 100% of their trust. Do biz dev with three activities:

  • Customers: Find new ones and extract more value from current ones.
  • Markets: Figure out where new customers “live” (both geographically and in terms of “buying mindset“) and find a way to reach them.
  • Relationships: Build and leverage relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunities.

(Explained by Scott Pollock on Forbes Online)

I know more about content marketing than business development, but as I read more about it, I’m beginning to understand that I do biz dev constantly, but never really articulated my personal process and strategy. I shouldn’t take that for granted. As Vaynerchuk says, awareness is key. And that’s also one my identity values.

In the paraphrased words of Gary Vaynerchuk: Be romantic and strategic. Nothing’s wrong with having that starry-eyed hopeful passion to create something and receiving tremendous ROI on your quality content, product, service offerings. But you also have to sweat with that same twinkle in your eyes, as you connect with others to provide and leverage value for your startup, business or freelance work. Because when they see the sweat and the twinkle, they interpret that as authenticity, strong work ethic, discipline, commitment, and every other quality that will bring them value and the bottom lines: which are relationship and money.

I’m no expert in this game. And personally, I need to do tremendously better at producing consistent and relevant content for the project. The challenge is taking my academic research (graduating this summer!), personal experiences and pre-existing creative content, and then making it all relevant to the antihero niche I’ve defined. And also publishing on a super regular basis. Daily, if not at least two times a day. Yeah, it’s that deep.

Work your ass off and be romantic about it. Twerk and twinkle.