Mastery: Five Months In…Yes You Can

by bxrtley

It’s almost unbelievable that the seasons are changing, yet again. Spring barely leaped from above the frosted ground and Summer is ready to Fall in its place, FTW—for the win(ter). These past 5 months have revealed so much about who I am, why I exist, what it’ll take to fulfill that purpose, and how much I can actually bear. Your threshold for pain and disappointment is higher than you think. Much higher.

Many of these posts have been “Yes you can, you can do it” pieces because oftentimes, you have to repeat the affirmative in order to pull through—not even push, but to pull through—the tough seasons. Sometimes you have just enough energy to drag your own self across the ground as you claw to the next phase. But keep clawing. We’re almost at the peak of 2015.

Your personal peak may not come until November, but there’s comfort knowing it will soon be here. And if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, wishing for time to slow down, it won’t. But as you keep applying yourself, prioritizing your efforts and moving forward, you’ll soon realize how much you’ve gotten accomplished by year’s end. Keep going. Yes you can. You can do it.