Identity: What If You Aren’t Who You Think You Are?

by bxrtley

They say the mirror doesn’t lie, but what if it does? Sometimes I think I might actually have a severe physical or mental deficiency and my brain did a brilliant job pulling the wool over my eyes. What if I don’t talk as articulately as I believe I do? Or what if my writing is subpar at best, but my own eyes, others’ opinions and even Alex’s voice are playing mind games with me?

What if I’m an amputee with a ridiculous lisp and scoliosis, but my mind has fought every day to make me see myself as “normal”? What if that’s why people are so kind and seem to have a vested interest in my personal and professional endeavors? What if that’s why people merely stare when I greet them on the street? What if I’m in a coma and imagining this very moment and this entire life I could’ve lived, if I made it safely out of that plane crash (I believe there’s a TV series about that)?

What if, what if, what if. Excuse my French, but who the fuck cares? Who cares if you do have a gargantuan mole or a missing eye? The people who care about you look past those things. They love you for who you are. Live your life, whether it feels surreal at times or just a brutal reality. You have a chance to make your real and/or imaginary world a better place. So go for it. But just remember, there are no extra lives in this game—but enough coins and 1-ups to go around.