Identity: Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

by bxrtley

There’s a scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where the 1st Assistant gloats to the 2nd Assistant that she gets 5 minutes extra for lunch. Yet, at the end of the day, both assistants do the same job. They report to the same person. They even get similar treatment. Be careful not to laud thyself as paper towel, just because one is not the toilet paper. Both are disposable. You’re just a bit more of an annoyance to flush.

Strive to be indispensable, un-flushable, extremely durable and of high value. But, be careful not to laud thyself as the seasonal decorative tablecloth, just because one is not the dish rag. Both still get soiled. Both still get washed. Both have a specific function.

I think the premium or even average-quality dish cloth is more of a linchpin than the seasonal fancy fabric. Unless, of course, those ornamental threads were custom-made and/or hold a meaningful story that doesn’t end in how much the owner saved with your purchase.*

*Purchase could be a new hire, eventual promotion, some sort of selection or any decision someone has made to acquire your talent, product or service at some cost—whether monetary or otherwise.