Identity: Journalism – Storyreporting vs. Storycreating

by bxrtley

After all these years I finally understood why I enjoyed writing, but loathed journalism. It’s because I had more of a desire to create an original story than to retell one. No matter how descriptively well-written, news reporting is a story that already exists. Respect to the seasoned and budding journalists out there, but that’s just not my cup of tea. It doesn’t mean I’m not capable. And if I have to draft a press release or newsworthy article for a client then not only will I rise to the occasion, but I’ll shatter expectations (I hope).

Journalism, however, isn’t only about retelling what has happened. It’s gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. It’s about empowering the informed. Perhaps journalism just got a bad wrap over the last couple decades and is only associated with talking heads and cheesy news anchors. In the end, I gather, assess, create and present information to clients. Hm. Maybe I’m a journalist after all. Eh…me thinks not. But, strangely enough, I enjoy editing and giving feedback—even if the literary piece or visual design isn’t mine. What’s a life without contradictions?