Mastery: Push, Damn It

by bxrtley

What if Abraham texted his daddy and ‘em after leaving the entire clan for his journey to Canaan? What if Jonah found cellular service in the fish that swallowed him up and he decided to tweet about how dark and smelly it was? What if Joseph Snapchatted Potiphar’s wife and sent it to her husband to vindicate his innocence? What if Moses Periscoped or Meerkatted the golden calf orgy from the mountain instead of actually dealing with the rebellion?

I juxtapose these popular conservative stories with outlandish digital anachronisms to prove a point. Too many times we cross the threshold of the old world into the new or have “belly of the whale” experiences and face severe character-building trials and we find a way to escape the necessary pain.

The Internet is the new greek mythology Sirens. It’s the temptress that lures you from your heroic journey and dashes you into the rocks of nostalgia, fear or just plain ignorance. You can’t grow fully unless you stop emailing your parents, texting your boyfriend, Skyping your lady love or FaceTiming grandma (yup, she likely has an iPhone) when things get tough.
Stop it.

Butterflies don’t develop their beauty and ability to fly with a helping hand. There’s a time for human and supernatural aid in the journey. Now is not the time. Push through that dark cocoon of uncertainty. Push, damn it. Come on. Push. You’re in labor. Don’t miscarriage this opportunity.

You can’t see the people in the maternity ward crowding around you, supporting you—because you’re eyes are closed as you focus on your breathing. You can’t hear them cheering for you, because your screams are reverberating with every push you make. People are in your corner. But they can’t breathe and push for you. Keep pushing. You can’t see it, but your love child is crowning.