Mastery: Let’s See What You’re May’d Of

by bxrtley

I think May is the test tube of trials for the person who actually committed to their “Resolutions” for the new year. May’s a nasty little petri dish that’s also a looking glass for what the rest of the year’s hardships might hold. It’s a forecast month. It’ll preview what’s to come, which reveals what you are currently made of and then guide you to how you’ll need to adjust and (wo)man up to succeed this year.

We’ve hit the midpoint of May and are now approaching the mountain peak of 2015—already. This year, May has shown me what I can expect to be facing when I start scaling down the other side of this year and reach basecamp in December. So far I’ve faced biological warfare (i.e., Allergies…FML—a throwback term, FTW will soon follow), financial hardship, spiritual drought. The better news is I’ve have made strides in academic research, professional networking and new leads for some consulting work.

May is a good time to check back and see what your original goals were. Have they changed? How so? Why so? Are those changes progressing you towards fulfilling that bigger painting or deterring you with beautiful, yet unnecessary brushstrokes? Don’t wait until the end of June to assess where you are. Even a child intuitively knows to write their letter to Santa months before sitting in his lap in December.

May the 4th + 11th be with you.