Mastery: Death Warmed Up, Success Served Cold FTW

by bxrtley

Bedridden. Puffy eyes. Runny nose. Cranial pressure. Miserable. I feel like I woke up just now attached to one of those torture contrapments in the Saw movie horror franchise. Similar to when Michael Jordan had the flu and still played against the Utah Jazz for the win, I tried to bullishly work through this allergy nightmare “for the win” (or FTW as the social media world says now). But this? This feels like … “death warmed up,” as Emily Blunt in the Devil Wears Prada said about her own flu.

I don’t have a cold or flu, but it sure feels like one. Strangely enough, two storytelling coaches I met have had allergies symptoms that morphed into full-blown colds. And I tried to avoid it long enough, but I’ll have to take some medication to push through this week-long local high pollen alert. Over the teeth, through the gums, look out belly here meds come. Liquor makes for a better aid to such adult nursery rhymes, but it won’t solve the allergy problem. Or will it…

I digress. I would say let me not waste your time, but this is a personal blog – so deal with it! But let me not waste your time.

Show Ups are Necessary

Two things I learned today. Just as Jordan was on the court, we consultants, showed up for the game as well, regardless of how horrible as we felt. Making it to our coworker space at least positioned us to choose whether or not we could go on FTW or not. Showing up gives you leverage. 9 times out of 10, if you show up you’ll stay up. It empowers you to go further than you’d expect with a disability or illness.

Warmups are Necessary too..

Also, I think that a deeper, rich level of success produces a feeling of relief more than it does celebration. If anything, the celebration comes out of the alleviation from all the hard work, pain, trials, allergies and flus it took to show up FTW. “Death warmed up” allows you to feel the cold-compress of relieving success – and then to be excited about it. But you gotta show up on the court first. Flu and all.

Grow up. Show up. Warm up. FTW.