Identity: Chivalry Didn’t Just Die

by bxrtley

This afternoon an old lady walked out of a grocery store in front of me with large bags and she was struggling to grip them properly. Because I was already walking at a faster speed, I had just enough time to watch the struggle before passing her—but mama raised me better than that. So I turned around and offered to help her carry her bags, but she must’ve known that’s what I was going to ask, because I only got out the first four words, “Do you need any…” before her staunch rejection suffocated the “help” that barely escaped from my lips.

She clearly was struggling. This sweet, hard-headed senior rose needed help. But her thorns got in the way. And I understand. Nowadays, you don’t know who to trust. Times are hard out here. But, I’ve repeatedly seen this happen over the last few years, especially on the subway.

I’ve seen a pregnant woman refuse a seat a gentleman has offered, to the point that he must dishonor her wishes (or pacify her ignorant resistance) by getting up and leaving it vacant for her. Okay, so the subway is a dirty place and she might’ve been in a “stand don’t sit” trimester, but her nonverbal language said otherwise—she was looking for a seat!

They say chivalry is dead, but it didn’t just die. It was murdered in the 1st degree. Chivalry was the victim of a double homicide. And the suspect wanted for murder is Woman. The scene of the crime: New York City. Oh, and the other murder victim was Man. And yeah, I understand gender inequality still exists. But not all men are evil. Give us a chance to treat you like the women you are: Royalty.