Identity: No Pain, No Gain

by bxrtley

The most important things in life will be discovered through the shedding of blood, sweat, tears and brain cells. I recently saw a video from Derek Muller, founder of Veritasium, who suggested that his students learned more by stumbling through his physics lessons with helpful dialogue and feedback from a tutor vs. being told in a clear, concise and simple manner what Newtons first two laws of physics were about.

Go figure.

He found out that the students felt like they knew the concepts, but were really just reinforcing their learned myths about physics. But their hard-to-let-go-of preconceived notions of science were challenged when they were allowed to actually struggle through concepts.

We need the struggle.

I think it’s why God doesn’t answer prayers so quickly or why your fondest or most memorable teacher failed you, yet you learned the most from their class. The struggle is necessary. It’s necessary for the butterfly just as much as it is for the bodybuilder. Pardon the cliché, but, “No pain, no gain.”