Identity: Free vs. Priceless

by bxrtley

Some things in life are so similar—virtually the same—and yet starkly different. Think of when you hear the words “free” and “priceless”. Oftentimes, free comes with the appendage “of charge.” Priceless, however, is only followed by a pregnant pause. Free is complimentary. Priceless is immeasurable. So, are you free or priceless? Is the value proposition of your work such that it can be easily discounted or is it so incalculable that it can only either be set at a premium rate or pro bono, with no in-betweens?

“Oh, but I don’t have the credibility yet to sell my services or product at such a high price.” Welp, time to take on a philanthropic mindset and do a bunch of free work to build a solid portfolio until you can. Or…painstakingly discount your valuable skill set with the hope of its perceived value increasing with future clients. There’s no cookie-cutter method. But the point is, don’t prostitute yourself. Know your worth. And know your work.