Identity: Know Your Worth, They’ll Respect You

by bxrtley

Met up with a friend today who really helped put my consultancy into perspective. He said he’d rather take on a menial or minimum-wage job to make extra money than lower the dollar amount of the perceived value of his consulting work. Now, I always believed that if a potential client can’t even afford your minimum option, then see if you can work within their budget, but reducing the value accordingly. This way your time and work isn’t written off as a discount and then devalued by the client. But his staunch resolution to never ever budging helped to build a fortress, drawbridge and moat with alligators to which only the qualified leads could find their way into his castle. And he now has an impressive client list because of it. Know your worth, stick to it and others will respect you for it. Even if they can’t afford your business. I think this works for relationships too. People pleasers, they may not like you, but they’ll respect you.