Identity: When Goodness Comes in Threes

by bxrtley

I once heard a preacher say mercy is not getting what you deserve and grace is getting what don’t deserve. Today I was inundated with grace. Within a span of two hours, back-to-back acts of love were expressed that affirmed people truly do believe in me. And I think I’m more aware of such grace when I myself become more generous, without expecting anything in return. Having a giving spirit removes this innate feeling of self-entitlement that blocks us from experiencing the beauty of getting what we don’t deserve.
When such goodness happens not once or twice, but threefold, you can feel overwhelmed. You almost become crippled with gratitude. And the only thing that makes sense after getting humbly knocked to the ground with grace is to get up and pay it forward. Reciprocity. It also causes you to ask, “Why me?” not out of self-deprecation, but genuine soul searching.

You also start to re-examine your character and motives. It changes you. Ain’t that something. Choosing to receive love can actually transform you. And receiving it “threefold” makes you want to live out that change towards someone else.