Mastery: Street Sounds

by bxrtley

It’s not a podcast yet, but I started hitting the “Record” button on my old iPhone 5 while walking outside. I’m amazed at its quality, especially when it captures the ticks of a coasting bicycle so clearly. I’m experimenting with developing a “shortwave” radio platform for Antihero NYC. Oftentimes I experience crazy synchronicity and I’d rather antiheroes hear it than read it. I did say I wasn’t going to mix this blog with Antihero business, but I’ve been heavily engaged in the project lately.

I think if I continue to walk the same streets every day for a season, I just might be a part of some meaningful storyline that existed before I showed up. If you listen to all three tracks or just scan the notes, you’ll start to hear a story emerge. And I think this is going to be a very organic development. For now, no storyboarding strategy, voiceovers, no forced conversations or sly introductions. Just me in the streets engaging in each moment as they occur: