Thank You…

by bxrtley

I used to think thanking people for following your blog was pretentious. It really does have an effect on my quality of writing, motivation and creates silent accountability. The number count is the quiet tap on the shoulder that says, “Ahem, they’re waiting.” Now, you may not be waiting, but that’s the effect it sometimes has. I suppose the larger the number, the more nurturing light taps turn into pushes and shoves. I digress. I want to thank all 46 of you for expressing an interest in this personal journey:

Keith Garrett – The first follower. This guy’s a poetry machine. Thank you sir!

Jaroslaw – Thanks man!

Laurie Townshend – My girl! Thanks!

Steve Rose – Thank you!

Plutonium Paint – Thanks!

Loveazaverb – Thanks!

Razorback Writer – Thanks!

Kendall F. Person – Thank you!

Story Medic – Thank you!

Elan Mudrow – Thanks!

HendrixRahul – Thanks!

K.L. Register – Thanks!

Momentary Lapse of Sanity – Thank you!

Publishing Insight – Gracias!

B.D. Hesse – Thanks!

Storyshucker – Thank you!

Urban Wall Art – Thank you!

The Good Vader – Thank you!

Kelz Belz Photography – Thanks!

Flowmustgo – Thank you!

Smart Discount Shop – Thanks!

Antryump – Thanks!

Benjamin Brilliant – Thanks!

Kevin Cullen – Thank you!

SPJPGRD – Thanks man! *Desk family*

Pint Size Fiction – Thanks!

Critical Dispatches – Thanks!

Brian Margraff – Thank you!

Seroword – Thank you!

Daily Inspiration – Thanks! (Since you’re also Antryump, it’s just double the love!)

Godinterest – Thanks!

Renny Diokno – Thank you!

Celia Fitzgerald – Thank you!

Art by Ellison – Thanks!

Khürt Williams – Thank you! *Desk family*

Taking the Mask Off – Thanks! (I anticipate us talking soon)

Ben Broenen – Thanks!

Below-Average Writer – Thank you!

One Positive Blog – Thanks!

Better Not Broken – Thanks!

Patrick W. Marsh – Thank you!

The Girl in the Black Dress – Thanks!

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Inspired to Share – Thank you!

Be Like Water – Thanks!

JDesignShop – Thanks man! *Desk family*

And then there are non-Wordpress others, like Sojourner and Alyson, who follow and engage as well. Big thanks! You guys are all awesome. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.