Winter’s Gone, Pollen’s Here

by bxrtley

Today was the warmest it’s been in months. It also came with a high dose of pollen. I can barely keep my eyes open without them watering right now. And my nose is crying waterworks when my eyes aren’t. My facial floodgates are wide open. Even my melted ear wax has prevented my silicon earbuds from staying in for long periods of time. Everything is leaking. I’m melting.

You know what else is melting? My old identity. My character looks like a Dali painting. And as this new season of my life emerges from the cold winter months of pain and hardship, there’s now a pollen count. It’s a nagging set of trials. Not as fatal as hypothermia, but still  incapacitating. Trials won’t allow you to just enjoy the warm weather and have nothing to worry about or fight through. But, without that high level of pollen, there’d be no leakage/melting of the old self. No leakage, no change. No change, no progress. And progress is one of my core values.

Surviving the winter is fruitless if you shy away from Spring’s pollen. Pop an Allegra, swallow some Claritin or an herbal concoction and take on the challenge. What’s your pollen? Right now, the pollen I’m fighting is understanding enough code to navigate through the civic tech community for the shift Antihero is about to make.

[Please excuse any typos or missed words. Those of you who suffer from severe allergies know how miserable you can get, especially when it hits you like a ton of bricks. You just don’t care about anything anymore, besides relief. I cared enough to write a post though. Squinted and sniffled through the whole thing, Because some of you actually read this. And I think my next post should be an ode to you all. Relief. Find. Now. Goodnight.]