A Watched Pot…

by bxrtley

They say a watched pot never boils, but what it really does is produce patience—and an interesting sense of awareness. As part of my morning chai routine, I patiently stare at the water boiling in the pot. I like to watch how water transforms from a Keep Calm Don’t Boil to an enraged maniac wanting to leap off the stove.

What I start to see are the mini-bubbles magically emerging from the bottom, then getting larger and larger until they rise to top and pop. But until recently, I never noticed the bubbles that are already skating on the surface, screaming for my attention. I’m so focused on what’s happening in the depths that I miss the obvious action on top.

Sometimes we critical thinkers, researchers, writers, navel gazers and philosophers look too hard and too far for meaning. Sometimes the answers are closer than we think, staring right in front of you. Don’t let ’em pop before you see ’em.