Word on the Street: Life is Precious

by bxrtley

Was in the house all day, so I left the apartment for a latenight stroll. It helped to clear my head from all the open data I’ve been looking at and sorting through for the Antihero project. All the pedestrian signals were perfectly timed for me to walk without stopping. It felt like the universe gave me a big green light for a relaxing break.

When I started back home, I saw literally 15 police cars and wagons rush past me with sirens. Word on the street was a woman hit a man in a wheel chair, tried to get away and then hit another pedestrian, slamming into a subway station pole—and then she fled the scene of the accident. It was the same sidewalk I was on about 15 minutes earlier.

That could’ve easily been me…

It could’ve been anyone. We were wondering why there were so many police cars populating the scene. But perhaps it’s because they’re going to create a perimeter and find the woman who fled. The story is speculative until the facts are released, but I hope everyone is alright.

Life is so fleeting. And so is this woman. This really made me reflect on how important every moment is.