Identity: The Power to Disappear

by bxrtley

I think I have invisible powers. On many occasions people have said “Oh! You scared me..” even when I’m just casually walking into a room, minding my own business—in broad daylight. I’m either one scary person to look at, my presence is startling or I have uncontrollable stealth.

Today I was sitting outside in an open plaza and a woman cozies up next to me with her bags and then says “Oh, I didn’t even see you there.” And no, she wasn’t hitting on me. After offering to make space for her to sit she declined. How is this possible (not the rejection but the invisibility)? Perhaps the better question is how can I use my camouflage power for good?

Think of a social super power that you have. How can it benefit others? Being invisible is typically slated as a selfish ability, but I wonder how it could be used to help others.