Identity: Lost in Weakness? Strength Will Find You

by bxrtley

Sometimes you need to be affirmed of your strengths in the most unexpected ways—especially when you’re learning a new skill set. Today, I was approached three different times regarding graphic design. Two were feedback requests from friends and the third is now a potential client. I suck at back-end development right now, but I apparently have some level of mastery in visual design. And I need to embrace that.

I’m most certainly not the best designer. Limiting my tools to expand my creativity, I’ve been using native Mac apps to create logos, newsletters, etc. But after today, I definitely did reinstall the Adobe Master Collection (yup, no Creative Cloud here yet). It can be easy to lose sight of your strengths when you’re building another skill. And the times you innocently forget that you are actually good at something, God has a way of reminding you.