Identity: What Type of Critical Thinker Are You?

by bxrtley

After tonight, I believe there are two types of critical thinking. One for stories and another for profit. There’s a phenomenological approach and then there’s a “tactical” approach. And both are necessary if you want to do more than draft an engaging (but purely theoretical) research paper or have a stellar (but utterly lifeless) business model. After attending a Civic Hacknight and opening up my Antihero project to criticism, suggestions and the idea of using open data, I quickly realized what category I fell under.

I was the anecdotal, academic thinker through and through. My cousin, who also attended, was on the tactical side. I think it may have been the first time I witnessed him in action. He’s a genius. And his questions left me with a bunch of “Hm’s” and “I don’t know’s”—within the first 5 minutes! And I came fully prepared with my own research! But that’s a good thing. It affirmed the notion that I can’t do this project on my own.

Based on the data sets available, the needs of my target audience and the questions asked tonight, the Antihero project might take a dramatic shift to address more immediate needs and then circle back to the endgame of empowerment and antihero community-building efforts. If I follow through with this, I suppose this might be what you’d call my first major pivot. I’ve made other shifts before, but this one might be the biggest one yet.