Dear White People, You Ended Too Soon

by bxrtley

Dear White People had clever dialogue, was well-directed, thought-provoking and based on real events. But the movie’s ending should’ve been the plot’s thickening. We should’ve seen what happens after the reactionary protests and riots, documentary reenactments and cash-producing publicity stunts. We already have Do the Right Thing, which was revolutionary for its time. If writers don’t move past black people overturning tables and crying injustice, then civil rights will forever be reactionary. We need more scenes* of proactive grassroots strategy and policy execution to create a new narrative of what should happen when mass media moves on.

*One of the attributes of an antihero is being a trickster. Dr. Martin Luther King was an antihero in this rite and has strategically created scenarios for injustice to be revealed. Questionable? Perhaps. There was a particular scene in Dear White People that alluded to a trickster move, which created the necessary attention of race relations on the fictional ivy league campus. We need to see more of this on screen, as propagandic as it may seem. Civil rights seems to be highly reactive to injustice instead of proactive in radical love that would make government and media gawk at its power. [Not included in the 100 words]