Why God Delays Opportunities Regarding Your Passion

by bxrtley

Cal Newport’s “don’t follow your passion” theory has spiritual significance. God often called patriarchs to act when they were least passionate. Moses wanted to free his people, but 40 years later he’s doubtful of God’s call to finally liberate them. At 12, Jesus becomes aware and passionate* about his mission, but 21 years later he’s gravely hesitant. But they both get it done. Perhaps God gives you passion to start the deep work necessary for your calling. Then when those crucial opportunities come and times get tough, it’s your mastery, your commitment and his Spirit that keeps you. Not emotions.

*Ironically, “The Passion” of Jesus Christ isn’t just about an emotional, romantic desire to save humanity, but also a love commitment to the deep suffering and death necessary for our liberation. There’s a difference between love and romance, and both are at work in the life, death and resurrection of Christ. [Footnote not included in 100 words. Don’t worry, I won’t make it a habit!]