Your Life By the Numbers, Not as Bad as You Think

by bxrtley

How You See Yourself

On a daily basis, you’re up and down. You’re not sure whether or not things are going well. You reach a peak and then you hit a valley. Many people like you, then no one does. It’s a freaking rollercoaster and you hate it. You hate yourself. You get depressed. You keep pressing. You rise. You fall. You cry. You laugh. You grind.


How Others See You

Not as volatile is it? Because you’re harder on yourself, you think you’re this utter failure, striving to make it to the top. But others have actually seen more progress than you realize. You wrestle in private, but in public things might seem easier to them than it actually is. Believe it or not, they both envy and admire how you’ve steadily progressed.


How God Sees You

God, the Universe, Life, Energy. Call it what you want. The Universe for me is a personal, intimate, paternal being. This is what he sees. Last year you were working hard too, but it still felt like “blah”. But this year you decided not to give up and struggle, wrestle with personal goals and your life purpose. That decision alone is worth so much. You’ve made tremendous strides—and it’s not even March.

So, Keep Going!

Keep moving forward. If you fall, you’ll at least be heading face first in the dirt towards your next step. Keeping putting forth your best effort every day and you’ll eventually get a glance of the big picture. You’ll realize how far you’ve gotten. But don’t get caught up in your success. Keep pushing.