Creating vs. Consuming With Your Mobile Devices

by bxrtley

What if you renamed your app folders with a verb instead of a noun? “Write” instead of “Productivity” or “Listen” instead of “Music”. And what if you went further and compiled them into what you consumed versus what you produced? Would you be more intentional about the apps you purchased (especially the free ones) or frequently used? I recently decided to change my application folder descriptions for my phone and computer. And I realized I had more consumption than creation apps. So I deleted most of consumption ones.

Then I took it a step further with my phone and honed in on a specific set of production apps—specifically for writing. Now when I pick up my phone, there’s a greater chance I will create something that supports my craft. And my notifications align with that too. Instead of just alerts and badges to check or read something, I get them to actually write or create. Each alert is like a “Make something with me now!” vs. a “Check me now!” Check is just a euphemism for consume.

If my ‘create now’ notifications begin to outweigh the ‘check now’ ones, I’d have been successful at classically conditioning myself to write more and consume less—especially with my phone. Can I get a Pavlovian ‘woof! woof!’

*I really should have more “Play” apps. They stimulate creativity.