Winter Haikus

by bxrtley

As Ms. Winter White is settling in and making temporary residence, I’m already looking forward to her packing and making way for Spring. I like the chilly air, warm blankets and hot teas that give off the aroma of comfort. But I think Fall’s my favorite season. So as I wait for Ivory to turn Avocado, then Olive and then burst into Pumpkins, Tangelos, Saffrons, Mahoganies and Marigolds, I leave behind three old, original haikus:

Fall to Winter
Three golden-red leaves
Two leave and fall to the green
One leaves Fall for White

Day to Night
Daylight has fallen
Darkness stretches and climbs high
I watch from below

Winter to Spring
Tulips have emerged
As the ice on Spring’s face melts
Two lips have emerged