Entitlement vs. Enslavement

by bxrtley


You’ve heard of the idea before: The opposite of low self-esteem is arrogance. So we can also say the opposite of enslavement is entitlement. And the two pairs can be paralleled (shame : enslavement :: arrogance : entitlement). But I think entitelement and enslavement is a bit more nuanced to quickly be written off as someone simply have no confidence or too much.

How so? Well, being enslaved doesn’t mean you chose to give up your rights and subject your freedom to someone else. And being entitled doesn’t mean you’re a total douche. In fact, the passive verb “being” denotes that it was something done to you. But when we start adopting the mindset of being a worthless slave or an invaluable heir, we might run into some problems.

You can actually be a slave and have the spirit of entitlement. They can chain your body and dictate some of freewill, but they can’t tame your soul. And you can be entitled to wealth or position and have the spirit of enslavement. They can elevate you to the status that is preordained, but you can forever be imprisoned by other’s thoughts or the idea of power itself.

This idea of entitlemnt vs. enslavement vs. pride vs. shame needs to be massaged a bit more, but I’ll leave it here for now. Just like a great speech, presentation or sermon, I need not try to exploit every detail or connection. Perhaps what will make me an amazing writer is getting the conversation going with enough research and ideas and then just letting it simmer.

Besides, I think this theme calls for my hard(ware) copy to match WP’s software design. Kind of like the industrial design concept, where functionality and user interface marry so that you grapple with what you want to do vs. how the actually piece of tech works.

I must say, one idea that meshes these two concepts together is our wonderful country. We’ve experienced and are experiencing both sides of the coin—from British oppression, Native American genocide, African enslavement, Neo-African enslavement (i.e., police brutality, college admissions?), gentrification, and everything in between. Something to think about.

Until tomorrow..