Synchronicity, This Blog and Me

by bxrtley


[10 Days to a Better Blog – Day : Crafting an About Page]

About Synchronicity

About four years, ago I started to realize the unnatural amount of #WATOT moments I’ve experienced. I’d share stories with friends and they’d continually point out how “crazy” the timing in life was. At first I thought I was special. Like a “Neo-from-the-Matrix”, “there-can-only-be-One” special. A few humbling (and humiliating) experiences took care of that.

I also chucked that self-centered notion as I began to see it in other people’s lives too. They just weren’t as keen on it happening. Scientifically, they’re called synchronicities. Two or more “random” events that are connected to each other. Meaningful coincidences, as Carl Jung puts it. Divine interventions, as others may surmise. I believe it’s a bit of both. A beautiful mixture of freewill and providence creating meaningful moments.

About This Blog

I may have a knack for seeing synchronicities a bit easier. And perhaps an intuitive ability for making crazy (and not so crazy) connections between ideas, events, conversations, movies—almost anything. Also, I have a hunch: These meaningful moments and connections are all leading to something great. My destiny, perhaps.

So I’m logging them down. And as I’m dissecting and digesting these daily moments in a private journal, a trail of public thoughts will also be left behind on here. These are my breadcrumbs.

This blog isn’t designed for you to follow behind me. You have your own life and your own path of purpose. If anything, it’s a trail of retrospection if I ever decided to glance back and wonder if I’m going the right way.

And this is more than just personal entries about “crazy” happenings or deep analogies. It’s about meaningful moments, connections and ideas that are curated to edify and uplift as our life paths may cross. And a breadcrumb or two will be of help along the way.

About Me

Who am I, anyway? The jury’s still out on that. What can be said for sure is that I’m a survivor of self-sabotage and pride. Now living in Brooklyn, seeking to uplift fallen leaders who’ve gone through a public shaming experience. And homelessness just might be the most critical place to start. Especially since I’ve been there.

I have a Christocentric worldview. Imperfect, ever-developing, but stable and functional. You can expect everything to stem from a monotheistic philosophy. I hope each post leaves an impression of hope and life.

If my digital morsels become consistently moldy, I give you permission to hold me accountable and call me out on it. This may be the first time you crossed my trail. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again.

Why the ‘x’ to replace the vowels? Well, it’s an antihero thing that has yet to be explained. One day soon, perhaps.