#idgaf Resume

by bxrtley

Ever felt like you were called or indescribably drawn to do something, which meant you had to let go of the traditional way of living or making money? So you pass up awesome opportunities to pursue this vision, but it seems to fade the harder you work towards it. More confusion than clarity. Many Agh, WTF! moments.

Well, that’s how I felt. It’s how I feel.  I was ready to suck it up and go back down the corporate route. But I wasn’t going to go nicely. And the result was a résumé I created out of frustration. It started as a joke, while I began to look for freelance ads on Craigslist and decided to create a new résumé for the new year. I figured, Why should I have to suck up to people who just want to use me for what I’ve got anyway?

And the more I continued designing and writing, the more sarcastically honest I started to get. Then I figured, why not send this to traditional corporate, suit-and-tie jobs as well? They’ll either laugh, scrap it or both. Or they might just take a chance on me like I did with them (I’m sure there’s a secret blacklist for applicants in the marketing, sales, ad, tech world).

This is less about unemployment and more on purpose. It’s for those who take the risk to not just follow their dreams, but a distinct call that may not fully make sense until years from now.

That being said, this is really for traditionally unemployed schmoes like me who wonder whether or not things will pan out. It will. Just hang in there. Hang, take it all in, and then start climbing again.

Today I was about to give up on the Antihero initiative. Unresponsive emails; no new content there, while doing more personal ones here; finances became a burden—one hundred and one excuses. But I was reminded by a few close friends that this takes time to develop.

They also liked the résumé, so I decided to share. Who knows, maybe this could be my new hustle. #idgaf Resumes for sale. But not everything need be monetized.