Why I Write

by bxrtley

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I’m beginning to define and explore the difficult question of why I write and why I want to become a better writer. Here are some of my initial and incomplete thoughts:

  • It’s easier for me to coagulate thoughts when I see them. People say I’m a great speaker, but in all honesty, I just read my words fairly well—as if I’m presenting extemporaneously.
  • I like making connections. And I think they come across better through written word than a “Guess what?!” verbal moment.
  • The more I write, the better I speak (I think…)
  • I’m a poet at heart. I also have self-diagnosed Alzheimer’s. Codifying my stream of random, half-baked thoughts and connections for future play is helpful.
  • If I can master writing, I can master persuasion. If I can master persuasion, I can master sales. If I can master sales (not just monetary), then I can master a livelihood. If I can master a livelihood, I can master my destiny. And if I master my destiny, then others would’ve been the beneficiary of a life-long journey of service.
  • I’ve had too many “signs” pointing to my being a wordsmith—a creative engineer of movable type.
  • I’m hungry. No seriously. I’ll end here and go eat.