Desk Prompt: What is going to make this year different than every year before?

by bxrtley


Last year was about learning to seize the moment. Taking the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity. This year is about releasing my creative inhibitions—doubt, fear and self-pity. There was a constant friction between being in the moment and yet being in my feelings. In science time, space and energy are interconnected.

  • Time = Hours I put in
  • Space = Opportunities I seize
  • Energy = Emotions I feel

So when my emotions conflict with opportunities, it affects my time. I used to think I wasn’t disciplined enough. That I had a poor work ethic. But in retrospect, it was most likely this quantum equation of life. So this year, I’m treating my feelings about my work and progress with a grain of salt. Here’s how:

  • Embrace the emotion
  • Assess whether it’s a creative inhibition
  • Pinpoint which one it is (doubt, fear, etc.)
  • Counteract that feeling with a thought (Phil. 4:8 should help)
  • Mull the new thought over, let it sink in (Meditation)
  • Move forward in work.

A large part 2015 will be about balancing what/when to take hold and what/when to release. It’s also my year of harvest. And not every crop need be seized. So this goal seems to align fairly well.