Better Late Than Never

by bxrtley


Things have been silent over here and at the antihero site for quite some time. The balance between research, development, designing, marketing and a constant powerful drip of content has been difficult to master. So where was all of the energy placed? In the first three—research, dev and design. All to come up with this:

From designing custom images, to creating countless versions of slide deck creations, gruesome customer development and pricing research, sustainable business model projections, to crying, laughing, skipping showers and meals, sleeping late and waking early. It all was worth it. But none of it matters.

There was one lesson I (re)learned late this year that will help for 2015. None of the hidden, meaningful entrepreneurial affairs will affect this product because I wasn’t vulnerable enough to share that process with others. I wanted to struggle and make mistakes in the dark and then come out with perfection in the light. John Saddington taught me that—twice—with Pressgram and now DeskPM through his personal blog.

But even though it was too late to open up and appropriately market my vulnerability, I decided to make this sales page a draft and share it with the Rainmaker community, friends and family who’d give me the raw and honest feedback I needed. They would also see the live changes. Many a time I wanted to unpublish the page and keep it as a draft until done. But this held me accountable and forced me to seriously consider suggestions without just saying “Thanks!”

I had four simple goals this year. Big. But simple. One was academic. Two were financial. And the other was vocational. None of them were accomplished. But they’ve all gained traction. I suppose this was the year of traction. Sowing seeds. 2015 should be the year of fruition. First plant, then harvest.

Although this blog is event-based as opposed to schedule-focused, I think this will be my daily drip and the Antihero Circle blog will be a less frequent but longer pour of rich content. I encounter synchonous “What are the odds” moments almost every day. But some just seem too trivial to write about. And I would hate to force a life lesson that isn’t there. But this is a site about breadcrumbs. Crumbs are small, deceptively insignificant and traceable.

So while my four 2014 goals remain the same, I think I’ll  add three more. Stratified communication.

Appropriately “market” my vulnerable development process to:

Share resources and ideas with:

Simply, yet richly connect with:

  • Family: Email, Text
  • Friends: Email, Text

That seems like a lot. So a schedule will have to be created until it becomes natural. And when it’s time to launch a product, service, idea or just an act of love to any of the three branches in my life, the communication that’s already been forged will make for a more meaningful blast off.

Here’s to a New Year.